Loggist training opportunities

A chance to attend a refresher or learn a new skill…

When a major incident occurs, one of the fundamental roles needed is the loggist.

This is the person who has the responsibility of capturing the decision-making process, through decision logs, which might be used in any legal proceedings following an incident.

And there are now opportunities to take part in training which will help explore the role of loggist as well as a chance to practise those skills using best practice.

The East of England has several PHE trained Emergency Planning trainers currently delivering loggist training via MS Teams while face-to-face training is not possible.

The course will aim to:

  • review the legislation and guidance associated with civil protection
  • describe how this guidance applies to their organisation and the role of the loggist
  • discuss the types of emergencies and potential threats loggists may encounter
  • describe the environment where a loggist may be used during an emergency
  • state the importance of the legal aspects and requirements in relation to logs, records and documentation
  • demonstrate the skills and methods of decision logging.

While this training is suitable for those new to the role, as well as existing loggists needing their yearly refresher, face-to-face training to further practice their skills will be needed once this can begin again.

The training sessions are being offered between 10am and 1pm on:

  • Friday 12 November 2021
  • Friday 19 November 2021
  • Friday 28 January 2022
  • Friday 11 February 2022

To book your place, which are limited, email Maxine Hazle with your preferred date and then wait to receive confirmation of the session.

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