Let’s talk about how to manage difficult and traumatic events

Join a series of bite-sized webinars exploring how difficult and traumatic events might have an impact on us…

The Here For You team is hosting a series of bite-sized webinars to explore how difficult and traumatic events might have an impact on us. Each webinar covers a different aspect of trauma and strategies.

In the first webinar, held on Monday (22 November), the team introduced the concept of trauma, exploring the Window of Tolerance model as a strategy.

The second webinar, taking place next Monday (29 November), will focus on installing safety, by providing an understanding of the six trauma responses and exploring calm and peace as a strategy.

On Monday 6 December, the third webinar will focus on the understanding of trauma, exploring signs and symptoms such as triggers, flashbacks and dissociation, exploring noticing as a strategy.

The series ends on Monday 13 December by focusing on strategies for self-care and communication, exploring the traffic light system, self-care box and Here and Now verbalisations.

This is an opportunity for all staff who either have an interest in this topic or may be wondering how to support themselves if experiencing these difficulties.

Please note, we would recommend completing all the sessions, as the series will focus on building on the knowledge provided in the previous webinars.

If you missed the opening event, earlier this week, contact the Here For You team for a recording of the webinar. Book your place on the remaining webinars:

For any other queries, please contact the Here For You team.

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