Let’s end ovarian cancer inequalities

A woman dies from ovarian cancer every two hours in the UK. We have one of the lowest survival rates in Europe, but a deeper look shows that some women have the same chance of surviving their ovarian cancer as those from countries with the best survival rates in the world.

To ensure women receive the best care regardless of age, location or ethnicity, Ovarian Cancer Action are shinning a spotlight on the inequalities that thousands of women with ovarian cancer face.

In a series of inequality reports, the first “Equality spotlight report: Age”, highlights that women over 70 are not receiving the standard of care necessary to survive ovarian cancer.

Women over 70 are less likely to be asked to take part in research or clinical trials than those under 70, denying them access to new and innovative treatments. Read the full news article to find out more about the report and what is being done to transform survival rates.

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