Join the next staff briefing for an update on the ICS

Our Accountable Officer, Jane Halpin, will be joining us at our staff briefing next Tuesday (20 October) at 12pm. Jane will share some details about the executive restructure within the three CCGs and Integrated Care System (ICS).

Jane is joining the staff briefings at all three CCGs to fill us in on the next steps and direction. She wants everyone to know things will remain largely stable in the coming months. There may be some changes to roles and reporting lines as the new director level roles become established. However, these will be gradual and create minimal disruption.

We know you may have concerns about the future, not least of all because of the unprecedented times we are going through with COVID-19. You have all been incredibly flexible over the last six months and adapted to a tricky situation to provide an excellent service to our residents, patients, partners and colleagues. We ask that you continue to be flexible as our new structure evolves.

Thank you for your continuing support.

If you have any questions you would like to raise during the staff briefing next week, please email the Communications team.

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