International GP Recruitment – we need your help!

Herts and West Essex STP are part of the International recruitment project outlined in the General Practice Forward View.

Herts and West Essex will be the next STP to participate in the Central Midlands expansion of the project. In June we are expecting two groups of GPs for interviews and to meet/match with practices. This is planned for 6 – 9 June and 27 – 30 June (note this includes weekends).

We are expecting 6 international GPs for the first weekend and 4 for the second.  They will be staying in Cheshunt.

Three of our practices in west Essex are part of this first wave of international recruitment.  These are Angel Lane, Lister House and Nuffield House.

How you can help?

For the weekends, we will need support from one person per CCG. This need not be the same person for both weekends or indeed the throughout each weekend (the days have been broken down into “shifts”) as we have an International Recruitment lead, Richard Freeman who is managing the process.

Paragona, the recruitment agency NHS England have appointed to manage the process will also be present together with NHS England.

Richard will be there to lead the weekends, but we do need employees from the CCG with local knowledge who are able to engage with the candidates and practices and help to sort out any minor issues that might arise.

This will also include accompanying candidates on practice visits, sharing information about our patch and generally selling West Essex as a great place to live and work.

Any sessions covered during the weekends can be reimbursed by either time off in lieu or overtime payments as appropriate and agreed on an individual basis.

Please let me, Tracy Manzi, know if you would like to be involved, and your availability by email  – by close of play Monday 3 June.  Please refer to this word document which shows the time slots available.

I am happy to answer any questions or to put you in touch with Richard Freemen for further discussions.

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