ICS-wide all staff briefing roundup

Here’s a summary of what was covered in our first ICS-wide all staff briefing…

Jane Halpin – Joint Chief Executive Officer

Introduction to the first ICS all staff briefing and thanks to everyone for their input during this transition and period of uncertainty.

Today’s four main topics:

  • Timelines
  • ICS boundaries
  • Ongoing framework and structures
  • National HR and Transition

Good news

  • Vaccination programme, over a million doses complete
  • Drop-in (no appointment required) vaccinations now available for a limited period
  • Congratulations to Alison Smith – awarded Fellowship of the Dietetic Association

Summarising transition work

White Paper – Jane clarified the changes by the government in the White Paper, are not about reducing headcount and no one should feel concerned about their ability to have a job.

The Talent Management and Development Programme has started and is supported by HR. This programme is not just about career development, it’s also about work/life balance.

Timeline slides

Peter Wightman – Managing Director, West Essex CCG

ICS boundaries

White Paper – regarding the new ICS boundaries, these may now be set in line with County Council boundaries. If this is the case it may lead to west Essex joining the other Essex CCGs or SET which stands for Southend, Essex and Thurrock.

There is also a possibility we will remain as we are and stay with Herts.
We should have more information and a likely outcome may be announced by June 2021, but this date could change.

Whatever decision is made regarding boundaries it’s important the implementation and transition is managed so the boundaries are invisible to the patient.

ICPs have changed to Place Based Partnerships.

Sharn Elton – Managing Director, East and North Hertfordshire CCG

Ongoing framework and structures

Sharn referred to the recent Assistant Director structure. Teams were aligned and are reporting into an ICS Director. This team has now expanded which has ensured the ability to revisit the structure chart to align teams.

We are working fluidly and it’s recognised this can be unsettling. The executive team would like to understand what isn’t clear or where confusion exists in terms of the structure chart and provide line management clarity where required. Sharn urges anyone with questions about the structure to feedback directly to the exec team or AD colleagues or staff representatives.

Sharn highlighted a project to look at the structure of Children’s Services. It’s been a successful piece of work to ensure we are making the best use of all staff during this transition going forward.

NHSE will dissolve to ICS’s, there will need to be further clarity about scope.

Regarding structures, we will work with you to ensure consistency and equity in terms of resource to allow us to move forward in the best possible way as we move into 2022-23.

Sharn is keen to hear from everyone.

David Evans – Managing Director, Herts Valleys CCG

National HR and Transition

David confirmed this is not a headcount reduction but a new structure to fit the transition, to add value to the system. He also pointed out that the Children’s services workstream is a good example of this.

Framework and process on next steps is currently being discussed and developed.

We have one leadership team that will operate across the three CCGs, however this position differs nationally.
We are looking to end up with the best outcome.

Formal consultations will follow but there will also be additional support including a new intranet page with FAQs. The team is keen to keep a live dialogue with all staff during this period.

Jane Halpin

All questions asked in the chat will get answered.

Today’s meeting is a supplement to the more informal local sessions.

Live Q&A session.

And finally, Jane thanked everyone for their time and would welcome feedback on how helpful this session has been.

In case you missed it

Watch a recording of the ICS-wide all staff briefing below.

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