ICS all staff briefing round up

Working together to improve health and social care…

As all staff across the three CCGs continue to work hard to provide the best care possible to all patients, work is continuing at pace to have everything in place ready for April 2022.

Peter Wightman, Managing Director at West Essex CCG, gave a presentation on where we are now with the ICS transition and next steps as we head towards the end of the year.

The message around staffing was clear – all CCG staff are needed. There is no agenda to reduce numbers, but there may be a requirement to work differently. What this will look like will be considered over the coming months.

It will take into consideration how the different CCGs work with their providers, community organisations and local government, so the change isn’t an overnight change, it will evolve over time.

Other points from the presentation included how NHSE/I has developed guidance on how ICS’s should operate which is included in the ICS framework.

The ICS objectives are:

• Improving population health and healthcare
• Tackling unequal outcomes and access
• Enhancing productivity and value for money
• Helping the NHS to support broader social and economic development

The new structure from April 2022 ICS will have an:

• Integrated Care Board which will lead integration and strategic priority setting
• Integrated Care Partnership which are broad alliances of organisations and partners involved in health and care

Work is also ongoing on place-based partnerships.

These are:

• Within ICS geographies and defined locally but are not statutory
• To be part of an ICS/ICB but have the potential to take on delegated responsibilities from the ICS

Within the presentation Peter highlighted the 10 functions of the ICS.

Overall, the benefits of the ICS is a single care approach.

Draft outline plans are being submitted today (11 November), which will be submitted to the Board.

The next steps will be the consideration of the functional mapping exercise.

All teams will have completed the templates for this, and we aim to have feedback in December, with clearer definitions in January 2022.

If you missed the ICS all staff briefing you can watch it on YouTube.

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