Home working – self assessment form

Advances in information technology mean that more people are able to work away from the office, either in partner organisations or at home.

Remote working offers many advantages to the employer and employee, by reducing costs of
accommodation and travel, allowing flexible working and improving work efficiency. But it also brings its own health and safety risks, from working in isolation to a lack of control over the work environment.

Remote working hazards extend beyond the physical work environment. Working arrangements are also important. For example, some staff may find it difficult to adapt to working in an environment with limited social contact, while others may find it harder to manage their time or to separate work from home life.

To support the physical health and safety risks the CCG has a Home working – self assessment form that anyone who works from their home, however often, needs to complete and return to their line manager and the Governance team.  This will help ensure that your working conditions best support you when you are working away from the office.

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