Help us revamp our staff briefing

The Comms team has been looking for new ways to make the staff briefing more productive and relevant for everyone. We want to make it more of a two-way conversation so we can showcase what’s happening in teams around the CCG. The only way we can truly make it more about what you want is through your suggestions and feedback.

We would like to know:

  • what you would find useful
  • what you want to hear about (outside of the standing items)
  • if we should continue to meet weekly, or maybe move to fortnightly meetings

Even new name suggestions are welcome! We know that ‘staff briefing’ suggests more of a one-way conversation, so while it does reflect the current structure of the meetings, it may not work so well with a more interactive format.

We’d like to say thank you to those of you who have already given some examples of what you’d like to include or see at future meetings. Here are just some of the suggestions we’ve had so far:

  • Teams to share what they’re working on or their success and achievements
  • Celebrate and recognise individuals for a job well done, such as a ‘shout out to…’ or ‘good job buddy’
  • Having a mixture of corporate information and more light hearted fun stuff
  • Welcome to new staff and farewell to leavers

We’d love to hear from you all. So if you have any more ideas to help refresh and give the staff briefings a new lease of life, please send them over to the Comms team.

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