Get out in the garden this Easter

Discover the many health benefits from gardening for Active April…

With the UK set to see glorious sunshine this Easter weekend, what better time to get out and get active over the bank holiday.

Our focus for Active April this week is all about gardening and the positive impact it can have on your physical and mental wellbeing. Being active doesn’t have to mean working out at the gym, doing a class or going for a run.

Did you know mowing the lawn or pushing a lawnmower counts as moderate aerobic activity?

Here are 7 reasons why gardening is good for your health:

  1. Exercise – a 3 to 4 hour gardening session can burn as many calories as an hour at the gym
  2. Stress relief – relieve and reduce stress and increase your self-esteem with regular gardening sessions
  3. Flower power – being surrounded by flowers and connecting with nature is a natural way of lifting your mood and helping you to relax
  4. Immune system – while you’re outdoors in the sunshine, you’ll also soak up plenty of vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones
  5. Responsibility – looking after plants and caring for your garden gives us responsibility, which could be beneficial for people suffering with mental health issues, as it gives them purpose and a sense of worth
  6. Natural therapy – when you’re focused on weeding, potting and watering plants you won’t be worrying about bills, work or other stresses of everyday life
  7. Vent anger and aggression – had a bad day at work? Grab a spade and get digging. Or better still pick up the garden shears and take out any anger or frustration on the brambles invading your hedges

So what are you waiting for? Get in the garden and get back to nature.

If you don’t have a garden to potter around in, there’s so much more you could do this weekend to stay fit and healthy. Plus, it could help to burn off some of those hot cross buns and Easter eggs!

If you’re socialising with friends and family, why not get out in the fresh air, take advantage of the warm weather and try:

  • Going on a bike ride
  • Taking the dog for a long walk
  • Going on an Easter egg hunt with the kids
  • Playing football in the park

Next Friday (26 April), is national On Your Feet Britain day. Look out for more details, including how you can get involved, coming next week.

What are you doing to stay active this April? Let the Communications team know.

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