Friendship February is forthcoming

This Saturday marks the start of ‘Friendship February’, the latest theme for our 12 months of healthiness campaign.


Dictionary definitions:

  • the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends
  • a friendly relation or intimacy
  • friendly feeling or disposition
  • the quality or state of being friendly
  • a relationship between people who are friends

This month is all about reaching out to friends and loved ones, whether that involves:

  • meeting a friend for a cuppa
  • walking and talking with colleagues
  • making a phone call or sending an email to someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with for a while
  • checking in with elderly or vulnerable neighbours
  • motivating a friend in their quest to achieve a personal goal
  • supporting and making time for loved ones going through challenging and difficult times

Throughout the month, we’ll also focus on:

  • Time to Talk Day 2020 on 6 February – a day when everyone is encouraged to have a conversation about mental health
  • Valentine’s Day – it’s not just about flowers and chocolates!
  • United in Kind – how to support the social movement to combat loneliness and isolation

Look out for more information about Time to Talk Day on AskHUE next week.

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