Feel nourished this November

Discover 12 easy ways to nourish your life today…

Tomorrow is Nourishing November, this month’s theme for our 12 months of healthiness campaign.



Dictionary definitions
(of food) containing substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition
“a simple but nourishing meal”

a nourishing drink or food makes you healthy and strong:
“sweets aren’t very nourishing”

promoting or sustaining life, growth, or strength:
a nourishing diet

The focus for this month is all about taking (and making) the time to look after yourself better, whether it’s your mind, body or soul.

We’ll be sharing lots of hints and tips with you on how a few little changes to your surroundings, way of thinking and daily routine can help create a more nourishing way of living.

To get you started, here are 12 things you can try to help nourish your mind, body, and soul!


Detox from technology
Sometimes we forget there’s an entire world beyond social media and the internet. Don’t let it suck you in and take over your life. Make a conscious effort to take a break and get away from it. That could be one day a week without looking at social media. Set yourself clear boundaries for technology-free time at night. This is especially important a few hours before bed to ensure you switch off completely.

Quiet your mind
Quieting your mind is so important for reducing stress. Whether it’s writing all your thoughts on paper before bed or meditating in the morning, make it a priority to quiet your mind at least once a day.

Read more books
When there’s a great series on TV, it’s easy to forget about the wonders of getting lost in a book. Create a healthy balance between the amount of time you spend watching vs. reading. Did you know the CCG has a book club? Come along to the next meeting in the Oak Room on Thursday 7 November at 12pm.

Get some fresh air
Whether it’s during the day or at the weekend, getting some fresh air and Vitamin D is a great way to feel more refreshed. You could walk to the café or the shops on the high street on your lunch break to get away from your desk and clear your head.


Eat more veggies
We all know we should eat more veggies, but actually doing it is another story. Try finding ways to sneak vegetables into your meals. Put a courgette in your spag bol, peas in your pasta or snack on carrots with hummus.

Stretching is so important to keep our joints and muscles in good condition. We all spend too much time sitting at our desks. Get up, move around and stretch your legs whenever you can.

Nourish your skin
Taking care of your skin is an important part of self-care. Not only does it help your complexion, a skincare ritual can allow you time to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Get more sleep
Sleep is one of the biggest factors in our energy levels throughout the day. Make sure you get enough hours each night to recharge your batteries and feel refreshed in the morning.


Go somewhere new
While it’s important to have a daily routine, sometimes it’s necessary to break away from the norm now and again. Try a new coffee shop or restaurant. Go and explore a place you’ve never been before. Switch things up to keep life interesting.

Connect with others
Connecting with friends and new people can bring joy to our lives. While it’s good to make time for yourself, it’s also healthy to reach out and spend time with loved ones.

Regular decluttering is good for the soul. Get rid of the things you no longer need or use and that take up extra space in your house.

Give yourself permission to relax
Yes it’s hard, but so important to value your downtime and take advantage of it when you can. Make sure you’re maintaining a good balance between productivity and rest.

What do you do on a regular basis to help you feel more nourished? Post a comment below or let the Communications team know.

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