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Let us know your experience of using ESR for appraisals…

Following the introduction of the new ESR appraisal system we’ve had both positive and some constructive feedback to help improve your experience of the system.

As a result, we’ve made a few changes, rewritten some of the codes and applied this to everyone’s ESR records. There is now a new option to select from the system, which will bring up a refreshed form with larger boxes. You’ll be able to read what has been written without having to use your cursor to scroll along. If you’ve already completed your appraisal on ESR, there’s no need to re-do it. The original version will remain safely recorded on ESR.

If you do still need to complete your appraisal on ESR, you can complete the new form either as an employee-led or a manager-led appraisal. Please read the ESR e-appraisal manual – mid-year review guidance, but instead of selecting ‘e-appraisal | Mid Year Review’ when prompted for ‘Appraisal Template’, please select:

  • For Appraiser Initiated: 651 WECCG | Mid Year Review | Appraiser Initiate T V2
  • For Appraisee Initiated: 651 WECCG | Mid Year Review | Self Appraise T V2

There’s also now the opportunity to make comments so whoever initiates the appraisal can share it with the other party. If they tick ‘Update Appraisal’ on the sharing options, the other party can make comments and return it. The initiator can then finalise it and share it back with the other party for information.

The HR and ODL team is exploring some issues you’ve raised with the national ESR team. One of which is to see if it’s possible to increase the number of times you can make comments. The team will continue to pursue the other issues with the national team, to ensure the system is the best it can be for the main appraisal window in April.

Please continue to share your experience of using ESR for e-appraisals. This is your chance to influence the system across the NHS.

Many thanks to everyone for all your invaluable comments, help and patience.

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