Does the CCG take positive action on health and wellbeing?

Last year, as many of you will know this was something that scored lower than others in the staff survey.

Since then there have been some changes to support staff such as:

  • The introduction of the staff partnership group tasked with looking at how the CCG can improve in how it supports staff
  • Held ‘Let’s talk flexible working’ workshops for managers. These sessions promoted the benefits of flexible working within the CCG
  • Adopted a Time to Change Pledge. The pledge is about changing attitudes and raising awareness of mental health in the workplace
  • Launched a new health and wellbeing campaign (called the 12 months of healthiness) for staff.

But has it made a difference?  One way we will know is if you answer this, and other questions on the staff survey.

The deadline is this Friday so please do complete.

We’re nearly at 80% completion and would love to get over that line.  Not just because it’s a great figure but because it means when the results come in they truly reflect staff’s views.

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