Do your bit this International Day of Charity

Poverty exists in every country across the world, from first to third world countries. It continues to affect millions of people, regardless of their social and cultural situations.

In recognition of the significant role that charities and individuals have undertaken to help alleviate poverty, the UN General Assembly designated 5 September as the International Day of Charity. This date was the chosen date as it commemorates the anniversary of the passing away of Mother Teresa who worked tirelessly to overcome poverty, distress and suffering of the poorest in the world.

This day is all about encouraging charitable acts across our individual communities to raise awareness of this day. It also provides a platform for charity events to take place on a global scale.

How to get involved

There are numerous ways in which you can get involved, no matter how much time you have, or how much you can afford to spare financially.


You can check with your preferred charity if they have organised any local events, or if not, you could organise one.


You can always support a charity by volunteering to spend time with those in need. Your local homeless shelter, women’s aid group or food bank would appreciate your support.

Donate to your chosen charity

You can always stick to the classic way of showing support by donating money. Many charitable organisations rely on your financial generosity to keep them going. So, find your favourite charity and donate money!

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