COVID-19 Counter Fraud newsletter

The latest edition of the Counter Fraud newsletter is now available.

The newsletter aims to bring recent cases, emerging scams, threats and phishing emails to your attention.

In this issue you can read about the most recent COVID-19 related fraud risks, including:

  • Malicious email reportedly coming from a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) address
  • A new Amazon phishing campaign claiming to offer recipients a chance to win a £1,000 Amazon gift card
  • An Office 365 phishing scam targeting remote workers
  • Phone and text scams claiming to be from NHS Test and Trace (see the Test and Trace – what to look out for story we covered a few weeks ago), HMRC, GOV.UK and Sky

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Eleni Gill, our local counter fraud manager on 07827 308906.

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