Counter Fraud update

A local Counter Fraud Specialist (LCFS) has alerted the NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) to a payment diversion fraud where NHS staff wages have been targeted.  This way of targeting differs from previous reports as the staff member is targeted personally rather than the payroll department.

What to look out for:

  • The staff member receives an email with a false incentive such as a pay rise
  • The email contains a link to a website which appears the same as the NHS ESR log in page but is a fake page which may allow the fraudster to collect the staff member’s username and password for email
  • From here the fraudster can access the staff member’s ESR account and change the bank account details.
  • The following email addresses have been reported as being used as part of the fraud. Health bodies may want to check email traffic at their organisations to identify if their staff have received emails from these addresses and if their bank account details have been changed:
  • Email addresses are easily created by fraudsters so blocking these emails will not stop further attempts being made against NHS staff and we should all remain vigilant

The NHSCFA, National ESR team, the financial institution counter fraud teams, NHS Digital and the police are currently investigating the current incident and future prevention methods.

This bulletin has been sent out immediately to prevent any further risk to health bodies or NHS staff.

If you have any questions please contact our local counter fraud specialist, Eleni Gill

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