Could you help out in an emergency?

Are you interested in becoming a ‘loggist’ for the CCG?  As part of a major incident all NHS funded organisations need appropriately trained and competent loggists to support the management of the incident. They are an integral part in any incident management team.

Loggists are not minute takers, their role is to only record actions as directed by the incident manager in what can be often be a charged and rapidly changing situation.

The Essex CCGs Emergency Planning Team (who are PHE trained loggist trainers) have offered to provide this training.  A session is being held on Monday 18 March for anyone interested.  The training will:

  • Summarise the legislation and guidance associated with civil protection
  • Describe how this guidance applies to the CCG and the role of the loggist
  • Discuss the types of ‘emergencies’ and potential threats they may encounter
  • Describe the environment where a loggist may be used during an ‘emergency’
  • State the importance of the legal aspects and requirements in relation to logs, records and documentation
  • Demonstrate the skills and methods of decision logging.

When you become a loggist you will only be called upon if an incident occurs.  You will also receive a half day annual update/emergency exercise to maintain your skills, so being a loggist will not impact hugely on your current role.

If you would like to book onto the training please email Grainne Stephenson or call x1447. Grainne can also help you if you need further information.

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