Coronavirus update: Wednesday 18 March, 11.40am

As part of our regular update…


As of Wednesday 18 March:

  • The CCG has moved to working from home by default – individuals along with their line managers will need to work out what this means for each team
  • When working from home:
    • Managers will catch-up with you on a daily basis
    • Meetings will be held over Skype or virtually
  • In due course, you may be asked to come back on site particularly as we move to 7-day operations
  • You may be asked to do a different role where you could be working at home or deployed to another location such as The Princess Alexandra Hospital, St Margaret’s Hospital, Broomfield Hospital etc. This is still developing. Please ensure your line manager is aware of any support you are being asked to provide over and above your normal role, and what this role involves
  • The current advice is to self-isolate (stay at home, away from other people) for 7 days if you have a persistent cough or a fever. If you or a family friend do self-isolate, you can find further guidance and support on the GOV.UK website
  • If you are unable to get hold of your line manager or HR over a COVID-19 concern, please email the WECCG Incident Management Team
  • This CCG remains the tactical lead for health in west Essex
  • From now on, take your laptop home with you every night. Make sure you test whether you have access to the system a.s.a.p, so you know you’re set up to work from home/remotely. We are organising a day to test our IT system can cope with everyone logging on remotely at the same time, and keeping watch on any practicalities that emerge. Therefore, we’ll keep you posted
  • All staff briefings – we’ll update you when new information becomes available either through your director or update emails

Incident Management Team – IMT

  • Our Incident Management Team (IMT) are based in the Oak Room in Building 1
  • The IMT will operate between 8am and 6pm
  • The IMT hotline is 01992 949119
  • The IMT email address is
  • With colleagues starting to work from home, and attendance at the office changing on a daily basis, can all line managers identify members in your team who are able to cover reception? This is important, as we must have cover when the office is open
  • A WhatsApp Group will be set up for all IMT members – using their personal mobile numbers so they can be updated instantly


  • Daily log – we are keeping a daily log of all teams and their work patterns to understand who is in, working from home or off sick. Therefore, please make sure line managers or those keeping these logs receive updates from you first thing each morning. Each director will then brief the Executive team on Monday to provide a picture of the CCG’s cover
  • Fit to work – please remember: if you’re following stay at home guidance and are not fit to work, you will be placed on full pay sick pay. Such absence should not be recorded on ESR and instead notified via your line manager to your HR Business Partner
  • We are in the process of creating a web page detailing support sought from providers or neighbouring NHS organisations. We will update you once information is received, but please make your line manager aware if you’re offering to provide alternative help
  • Speak to Jeneva Allison our HR Business Partner if you have any specific concerns or queries

IT and phones

  • Windows 10 – the rollout will continue. If you’ve not yet had this installed, please contact Bria Piper and a slot will be arranged for you. This will help you communicate/collaborate with colleagues when working at home, such as video conferencing and the ability to share screens. If you have any questions, please speak to Alan Hicks
  • When working from homeNHSmail and Outlook will work offline. To reduce strain on the system, *only use the VPN when accessing files or folders on the shared drives
  • VPN tokens – see above*. Alan Hicks has produced guidance explaining how VPN tokens work
  • Diverting calls from your desk phone to your mobile. If you’re not going to be in the office, you can forward your phone to your work mobile (if applicable). Follow the steps below:
    • Select the Menu option on the screen
    • Press the down arrow and select 2. Features and press OK
    • Select 1. Call Forward and press OK
    • Select 1. Always Forward and press OK
    • On the ‘1. Always Forward: Disabled’ option, press the right arrow button to switch it to ‘Enabled
    • Press the down arrow button and enter the mobile number you want to forward calls to
    • Press Save or the OK button
  • If you are currently working from home, and have not diverted your landline, you can:

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