Completing a Declaration of Interests Form

Are you aware of your responsibility for managing conflicts of interest?

All staff, including temporary and agency workers, have a responsibility for managing conflicts of interest.

Here’s a reminder of when you should declare any interests and complete a Declaration of Interest (DOI) Form:

  • On appointment with the CCG – if you’re a manager, please ensure any new starters complete their DOI form before starting their role

  • On appointment into a new role within the CCG or following a change in responsibilities
  • At the start of a new project / piece of work
  • As soon as circumstances change and new interests arise
  • In a meeting when interests staff hold are relevant to the matters in discussion
  • As needed if there is an update to your declared interests
  • On an annual basis except for decision making staff, where a return should be made every six months

It is your responsibility to ensure you declare any interests as soon as possible and by law within 28 days after the interest arises.

Find the Declaration of Interest Form on AskHUE under Policies & resources > Resources & forms > Forms and templates A-Z section > Declaration of Interest Form.

If you have any queries, contact Dannii Owens in the Governance team on ext 9129.

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