BNF Healthy Eating Week 2019 is here!

Will you take on one of the five health challenges this week?

As we continue with Junk Food June, did you know it’s also BNF Healthy Eating Week (10-14 June)?

As the name suggests, BNF Healthy Eating Week is about healthy eating and drinking. It also focuses on physical activity and celebrates healthy living in the workplace.

Here are 6 employee benefits to being healthy in the workplace:

  1. Enhances health and wellbeing
  2. Enhances self-esteem
  3. Reduces stress
  4. Improves mental health
  5. Improves staff morale
  6. Increases job satisfaction

At the heart of this week there are also 5 health challenges, they are:

  1. Have breakfast
  2. Have 5 A DAY
  3. Drink plenty
  4. Get active
  5. Sleep well

So why not get involved and take on one (or more) of these challenges to help improve your health and wellbeing at work. Check out the links below for more information on each of the challenges.

‘Have breakfast’ challenge

Have a healthy breakfast every day – go for wholegrain or higher fibre foods, include a drink and at least one of your 5 A DAY!

Take a look at the ‘Have breakfast’ challenge guide to find out why it’s important to have breakfast and what makes a healthy breakfast.

‘Have 5 A DAY’ challenge

Have at least five portions of vegetables and fruit every day – choose a variety!

Take a look at the ‘Have 5 A DAY’ challenge guide to find out why it’s important to have 5 A DAY and what counts.

‘Drink plenty’ challenge

Have at least 6-8 unsweetened drinks a day – water is a great choice!

Take a look at the ‘Drink plenty’ challenge guide to find out why it’s important to stay hydrated and about healthy drink options.

‘Get active’ challenge

Get active every day – move more!

Take a look at the ‘Get active’ challenge guide to find out why it’s important to get active and recommendations for adults in the UK.

‘Sleep well’ challenge

Get the sleep you need every night – and get into a good bedtime routine!

Take a look at the ‘Sleep well’ challenge guide to find out about how to get a good night’s sleep.

You can follow the week on Twitter @BNFEvents and other social media platforms at #BNFHEW19.

For more information, visit the British Nutrition Foundation website.

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