BAME colleagues to take part in survey and consultation

Our annual staff survey results sadly indicate that predominantly less favourable outcomes seem to affect those employees who are of Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background (BAME).

Here at the CCG, we are wholeheartedly committed to understanding why these differences exist. That’s why we have commissioned McKenzie Human Resources LLP, to act as a partner organisation for us and to undertake an internal, confidential consultation. It is about delving deep into the cultural aspects of our organisation and reviewing what we already do well, as well as where we need to improve.

Starting next Monday (16 November), our BAME colleagues will be invited to participate in the survey and briefing consultation.

Changing a whole culture within our organisation is not something that can happen overnight. Having a taskforce enables open conversations and dialogue and allows us to make changes based on experiences and create that cultural shift. That’s why we encourage all BAME colleagues to take part in this survey and consultation to help make that positive change.

If you have any questions, please contact Paul Curry, our Equality and Diversity Lead.

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