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Read the latest news from the recent staff briefing on 19 November…

Following the all staff briefing last Tuesday I’m sending round a quick note, so whether you were able to attend or not you all had the latest information from me and our Chair, Rob. Apologies in advance for the length, but I wanted to make sure everyone has all the information we shared.

Organisation update

Single Accountable Officer

Last month you will recall we spoke about the single accountable officer (AO) agreement and going out to recruit. Following a meeting with the three current CCG leads, chairs and co-chairs of the STP the role has gone out again for further recruitment. Coupled with external influences, around the general election and stakeholder availability the timeline has been put back.

We are now working towards the end of January for a further announcement over recruitment into this post, following a stakeholder event and interviews. What this means is while there may still be scope for someone to be available for the start of the new financial year we’re more likely to be looking at a mid-year start. As and when we make a confirmed appointment we will let you know more.

What this means is we can focus on the developments of our Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) and more about that below.

One Health and Care Partnership

Our ICP brand is the One Health and Care Partnership and we will be using the Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust (PAHT) as the legal host of this integration project.

Alongside the legal elements there will also be a transfer over of people from the CCG to PAHT, to work there. This is the main job for the Executive team at present, looking at the structure and how this will work, which I spoke about when we last met.

A big development in the last week or so is that NHS England has recognised that our plans with PAHT have a good chance of succeeding and that our model would be a good one for other areas of the NHS to follow.

A landmark point will be in January when NHSE will agree what we’re doing is the right thing and give us the go ahead to proceed with our plans. This will be an important step for us and I will keep you posted on when this happens.

Alongside these higher, strategic level decisions there are some practical steps being taken. This includes arranging the next meeting of the One Health and Care Partnership Assembly to support the strategy developments. The next Assembly is being planned for early February and will focus on workforce (recruitment and retention). We hope that the NHSE Director of People will be our keynote speaker at this event.

How all this affects you

My promise to you remains to keep you informed as soon as I know more. For that reason we will continue to hold monthly staff briefings to keep you up to date.

Other business updates

We heard from a number of staff from across the organisation during the staff briefing, and an overview follows below. If you have any questions on any of the topics, or want to know more please do get in touch with the person named against each item.

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) – Peter Wightman

Peter gave a quick update on the state of play as these develop. We have six confirmed PCNs and the Harlow South has changed their clinical lead. We are working closely with all PCNs to support them as they produced their plans for NHS England on how they will operate and use the monies given to support their development.

National specifications will be due after Christmas, and this will give a clearer path for all PCNs on what they are expected to do.

One further update is that the Steeple Bumpstead surgery is now the responsibility of West Suffolk CCG, having transferred into their area on 30 October.

Finance and performance update – Andy Marandez

Andy gave an update on the current financial situation and we are still on course for a break even position at Year End.

General notices – Ian Tompkins

There are just three days left to complete the staff survey. So far, 77.8% of staff have completed it. If you have still to complete it, please do so as the evidence collected really does help us know where to focus our attention to make this a great place to work.

Other notices:

  • The second flu jab clinic is running on Wednesday 27 November, 10am to 12noon. There are 8 places left so please do book on asap.
  • Declaration of interests – please let Information Governance know if your circumstances change. All forms to go to Dannii Owens
  • Working at the weekend – please let Ian and Jackie Hall know in advance if you plan to work at the weekend
  • Donating December – is the theme for next month’s 12 months of healthiness campaign.
    • There’s still time to donate toys to the Salvation Army appeal which Claire Cowdery is co-ordinating
    • The Staff Partnership Group is also organising a collection of food/non-food items to support our local food banks. Look out for more information in the staff newsletter

Menopause guidance – Ian Tompkins

Alongside the general notices Ian also mentioned our HR Business Partner, Jeneva Allison has developed some guidance around the menopause. She will be rolling out training to managers in the new year and information on the guidance will be available on the intranet soon.

Time to Change – Naomi Hunt

Naomi, along with the Staff Partnership Group, has put a pledge together. The pledge is an action plan which outlines what the CCG is going to do to raise awareness of, and change attitudes to, mental health in the workplace. We’re also in the process of reviewing our policies to ensure mental health is covered and will keep you posted on this.


Simone Surgenor raised a quick reminder about the gifts and hospitality policy, which forms part of our Conflicts of Interest policy.

So lots going on and more to come as we head towards the end of 2019 and into 2020. If you have any questions for me about the subjects I’ve raised, or anything else you want to talk to me about please just get in touch with Sharon Church, or have a chat next time you see me in the kitchen.

That’s all from me for now, aside from to wish everyone Happy Lancashire Day and a big thank you for all your hard work so far as we’ve moved into the busy winter period and head towards Christmas.

Andrew Geldard
Chief Officer

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