Amended starter and leaver process available

If you are a line manager, it’s really important you complete the necessary forms when you have a new starter or leaver in your team. This is not optional and must be carried out for all starters and leavers.

Please remember to complete an IT equipment form for any new starters and leavers that join or leave your team. You must fill out this form to request any IT equipment (e.g. laptop, mobile etc). You must also follow the same process when returning equipment for anyone in your team that is leaving the organisation.

New starters

When you have a new starter you must ensure you complete a new starter form with AGEM CSU to ensure the new starter has:

  • a Windows login
  • an NHSmail account
  • access to the relevant shared folders.

You will also need to raise a call with AGEM CSU (0300 123 1020) to ensure an engineer is on-site the day they start to set up the equipment for them.


When someone from your team leaves, you must contact AGEM CSU to ensure the Windows login and NHSmail account are marked as a leaver. This is particularly important as NHSmail accounts have access to:

  • MS Teams chats
  • documents shared within MS Teams Channels
  • Office 365 licensing will still be connected to their NHSmail account.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact either Alan Hicks or Jolene Truman.

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