Remote working

Remote working

How to access the network securely when working away from base

You can access the network from a remote location by using a combination of two things:

  • an icon on your laptop – called Cisco AnyConnect this creates a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection (this may be a hidden icon on your toolbar in the bottom right hand side of your screen).
  • an app on your mobile – called AuthControl Mobile the app generates an access code that helps you gain access.

The new AuthControl Mobile app works in the same way as the VPN tokens you may already be familiar with.

Cisco AnyConnect – how it works

AnyConnect is a program installed on your computer. It allows you to connect to the work network from a remote location.

Once you have opened the AnyConnect program you will need to enter your AuthControl Mobile PIN (see below). You will then be connected to the network as though you were in the office.

AuthControl app on your Mobile – how it works

AuthControl is an app that works on your mobile device. It provides random codes to help you log in from a remote location.

Once you have installed the AuthControl Mobile on your mobile it will generate unique one-time codes which you enter into into AnyConnect (see above) to verify users.

The AuthControl app doesn’t access any information on your mobile device or come at any cost or other impact to you. Your mobile device will not be viewable in any way to any AGEM systems, it is simply used to generate new codes. The AuthControl Mobile app does not need a signal on your phone to generate a code.

The alternative is to use the VPN token (see below

What you need to do

If you have accessed the IT system remotely for a while you will be familiar with the VPN tokens that generate a one-time code, shown below.

The AuthControl Mobile app on your phone replaces the VPN token and is similar to the previous way of connecting.

Setting up the AuthControl Mobile app

You will need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play store depending on which type of mobile device you have (search for AuthControl Mobile App – produced by Swivel Secure. It’s the purple one).

It’s very simple to use:

  • Open the app and get your one-time code

Connecting to the VPN

  • Open the Cisco AnyConnect application
  • Ensure that Essex RAS is showing (as below)

  • Enter your username (firstname.surname)
  • Enter your password (normal login password)
  • Enter your second password. This is the one-time code you get from the AuthControl Mobile app on your mobile.

Getting help and support

If you have any questions, please email Jolene Truman, Geoff Roberts or Gay Alford.

You can also send your questions to the dedicated Arden & GEM mailbox at