Self help guidance

How to resolve the top 5 issues

We’ve listed the top 5 issues logged with the servicedesk with tips on how to resolve them quickly:

Laptop, PC and other hardware issues

  • check that your pc/laptop is plugged in properly and all cables connected
  • shut down and restart you pc.
  • carried out these checks?Call the IT Servicedesk 0n 0300 123 1020

Outlook – email, calendar, contacts

Printer issues – if you can’t print successfully check:

  • the printer plug is in the socket and it’s switched on.
  • your default printer setting is sending your print requests to another printer or you need to connect to a network printer
  • if your printer ink needs replacing (flashing warning lights on)
  • if all the above don’t work; restart the printer.

Microsoft product issues

Password reset

  • Need a password reset. Call the IT Servicedesk on 0300 123 1020 or use livechat (bottom rh corner of screen)

You could try the Arden&GEM knowledge base

If you’ve carried out these checks and you’re still having issues see the fault reporting section for the best way to contact the IT Servicedesk. If you see an error message on screen please make a note of it before shutting down.