A-Z of IT

A-Z of IT

A quick guide to faults, issues, help and training. For urgent faults like password resets call 0300 123 1020

This list will grow but in the meantime go to the Arden&GEM knowledge base for more info. Choose from the category list.


Error messages – make a note of error message. Does it prevent you from working? If so call 0300 123 1020

Excel – Training and support

Email – if password reset or you can’t access email call 0300 123 1020

Laptop – maybe software or hardware issue see top 5 issues above.

Microsoft Office – Microsoft support pages

NHS mail  – user guide for mobile apps and Windows

Password reset – call 0300 1230 1020

PC – maybe software or hardware issues. See top 5 issues above.

Printers – how to connect to a network printer.

Remote working – follow instructions above under ‘Remote working’. Call servicedesk if you get stuck.

Software upgrade – generally non urgent. In some cases this will force a shutdown to install new software (such as Windows upgrades).

Virus – take a note of any error message. Don’t open emails or attachments. Shut down and call 0300 123 1020

Word – Try the training and support guide.