Appraisal process goes online

The electronic appraisal (e-appraisal) and performance tool on the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system launched in October 2019.

Please continue to let us know your experience of using ESR for appraisals.

Current process – forms and documents

Our appraisal and performance review provides the opportunity for you to:

  • have a say in how your work and performance on your job is going
  • discuss your achievements, things that matter to you and raise any concerns
  • clarify your objectives for the coming year and what is expected of you
  • help you and your manager recognise the strengths of your performance and areas for development.

It’s also an appropriate time to discuss your personal development plan (PDP) based on your career aspirations and the support you need to achieve them.  Our guide for staff and managers on the Appraisal and Performance review explains how the appraisal process will work and what you can do to get the most out of it.

Here are the forms and guidance to help you with your appraisal interview:


The CCG is committed to valuing all of its employees and will encourage them, through guidance, training and development, to achieve their full potential on a consistent basis.

Where there is an identified failure in performance, the CCG will, as part of the process of encouragement and support, discuss with the employee the reasons giving rise to that situation.

Formal action in line with the principles and procedure outlined in the Capability Management Policy may follow if the employee fails to meet the agreed performance levels.

Line managers support - HRXtra

HRXtra is a new HR advice line service and online knowledge portal specifically for NHS (CCG) line managers.

Online Knowledge Portal

With HRXtra you can:

  • take a step by step guide on managing staff
  • find policies, letter templates, guidance documents and checklists you need as a line manager
  • send questions online
  • keep your case notes in a secure viewer

To access the HRXtra portal use your employee number as your username and set up a password using the ‘forgotten your password’ link.

HRXtra Adviceline

You can also call your team of HR experts who will support you through every step of an employee relations related matter. Use them for detailed guidance and support or simply as a sounding board.

Contact the advice line on 08000 119132 between 8am – 6pm.

Case Viewer

Case Viewer is an online document storage for all the cases you have been involved in and includes:

  • a summary of your conversation with the adviser – adviser updates after each call
  • an area where your relevant documents relating to the case can be uploaded and stored for future reference.

If you have a live case in progress you will receive a call from a member of the team over the coming weeks.