We recognise that work is essential to health, wellbeing and self-esteem. The Attendance Management and Wellbeing Policy is designed to:

  • encourage and support staff to return to work following a period of sickness
  • support and manage staff who have underlying health conditions

The policy sets out the procedures for managing sickness absence. It describes the actions the CCG will take to make sure staff feel supported:

  • while living with a long term health condition
  • during periods of long term absence due to sickness

Sickness absence

Our Attendance Management and Wellbeing Policy outlines procedures for long term and short term absence for both managers and staff.

Reporting sick, unauthorised absence, occupational health referrals are all covered below.

Go to Pay for information on sick pay.

Reporting sick

In all circumstances staff must report their absence from the first day of the absence. This will normally be within an hour of being due to start work, unless otherwise specified in the local absence reporting procedure.

Staff will normally be expected to speak to their line manager (or the designated lead for the area in the absence of the line manager). Texting or leaving an answerphone message to inform of sickness absence is not acceptable unless followed up with a telephone conversation with the appropriate manager as above. This is so that the line manager can ensure that appropriate support is considered at an early stage and wellbeing guidance is given.

Unauthorised absence

Unauthorised absence occurs when an employee fails to:

  • report their absence for one or more days as set out in the procedure
  • provide a certificate for a sickness absence
  • maintain appropriate contact with their manager

Any period of unauthorised absence will be investigated by the line manager and may result in Occupational Sick Pay being withheld or disciplinary action being taken.

Full details are in the Attendance Management and Wellbeing Policy.

Recording sickness - ESR

Managers must record all sickness absence on the ESR portal.

This is a short video on recording staff sickness absence.

Occupational health

Staff may be referred by their manager to the CCG’s Occupational Health Advisor who will assess their health in relation to their work. They will then provide a report to their line manager which could include:

  • potential adjustments to the workplace
  • options for a phased return to work
  • a recommendation of redeployment on health grounds.

Full details are set out in the Attendance Management and Wellbeing Policy

Complete an Occupational Health Referral Form.

Contact details

The contact details for West Essex’s Occupational Health team are as follows: