Mid-week mindfulness session

It’s very easy to overload your mind with the pressures of work, life and other matters. Practicing mindfulness activities can help when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to clear your mind of clutter.

Join our short mid-week mindfulness session. It will help you channel your inner calm amongst all the chaos and feel more in control.

The benefits include:

  • increased empathy and compassion
  • improved immune functioning
  • increased happiness and optimism
  • improved sleep
  • greater focus and concentration
  • reduced stress and anxiety

This guided session will take approximately 10-15 minutes with time at the end for reflection and any questions.

There’s no need to book. To access the session on the day, login to Microsoft Teams and go to the ‘Staff Room’ channel by clicking on the Teams icon on the left-hand menu. You may have to click on ‘hidden channels’ for the Staff Room to appear or type ‘Staff Room’ in the search bar at the top.

We look forward to seeing you – be kind to your mind!



09 Dec 2020


12:30 pm - 1:00 pm


Microsoft Teams


Communications team