Risk assessments

We recognise everyone has different personal circumstances. As a CCG we need to understand that and take it into account when we review how and where everyone is working. We can’t do this unless we have your input. You have already started helping us with this process by completing the staff workplace questionnaire. We are now asking that you take part in the individual risk assessment your line manager will go through with you confidentially.

Depending on the findings within your individual risk assessment, you may be required to complete further assessments, which you can find below:

Once your Individual Risk Assessment is complete, we will put measures in place that suit your needs and circumstances. These will be agreed between you and your line manager. The following agreements have been developed to inform staff and managers of their responsibilities whilst working from home and from the office.

If you have any questions, please refer to the step-by-step guide to the changes that have been made to the offices at Spencer Close and some frequently asked questions which we will update to reflect any questions you raise.

If these do not answer your questions, please email the Communications team.