COVID vaccination centre

Buildings 2 and 3 will become a COVID vaccination centre. Building 1 is being kitted out for clinical use.

NHS England has requested use of these buildings as an NHS facility. The centre will be ready to offer vaccinations when a vaccine is ready and becomes available.

Staff using the centre

Initially, the following people will use the centre:

  • NHS frontline staff
  • Social care staff
  • Domiciliary workers

There will be a separate workforce including:

  • vaccinators
  • volunteers
  • clinical staff and more.

We expect the new arrangements to continue for at least five months.

Buildings 2 and 3

Teams moving to other buildings

The Child Death Review team and Continuing Healthcare Teams has moved to building 4.

These teams will occupy vacant desks not in use. They will continue to use these desks until buildings 2 and 3 become available.

In line with Government guidance, you should continue to work from home if you can, unless you have made alternative arrangements with your line manager.

Furniture from buildings 2 and 3

Furniture from buildings 2 and 3 is in storage until it can be brought back into use.


You can take your pedestal home. You will need to get a barcode put on it first before you take it home.

You must inform Jackie Hall on reception when you are coming in and that you will be taking your pedestal home.

If you leave your pedestal onsite, you may want to come in at some point and empty it. While we will label pedestals, it’s not clear where it will be stored or for how long.

Office phones

You may currently have your office phone redirected to your mobile phone, so you can still receive calls.

The team is working hard to make sure there is no disruption to the phone lines.

We will keep you updated on this.

Hot desking

You are not allowed to hot desk in another building. Current COVID-19 guidelines around social distancing and hygiene don’t permit hot desking.

If you have already arranged to split your working week between home and the office, please speak to your line manager.

You can also arrange to work from a different desk in another building. If you do this, you must continue to use this desk for the foreseeable future.

If you want to come and work in the office, you must work with a rota system for your team to remain COVID compliant.

Staff working in building 4

You don’t need to clear your personal effects if you work in building 4.

The COVID vaccination centre in buildings 2 and 3 will not affect building 4.

Meeting rooms

Aspen meeting room

The Aspen meeting room will keep work papers in and remain locked.

Contact for queries

Email the Communications team if you have any questions or concerns.